Thursday, October 16, 2008

Back to Reality

So, I'm no longer 30. And I entered into this next year with a wonderful surprise weekend trip to Charlotte alone. Yep, just me and my breast pump for a nice 4-day excursion. No kids, no dogs, no responsibility whatsoever. Lots of food--Zink, Dean and Deluca, Brooklyn Pizza and, of course a Dutch Baby. Lots of activity--shopping, mani/pedi, dinner group, book club, a birthday bonfire at the lake and a hilarious David Sedaris show. Lots of friends--Trang, Mike, Nathan, Betsy, Jared, Jenni, Toni, Patricia, Molly, Karen, Susan, Scheili, Kristin, Rachel, Marsi, Mara, Jen and a quick visit to school to see Kay, Pat and Quyen. I was so busy and had such a great time.

Some of the highlights/funny moments: After the David Sedaris show, I needed to pump. But, we were on the way to a bonfire, so while Jared drove, I sat in the backseat and pumped the whole way. And, after the bonfire, at 2am, I did the same thing. Poor Jared--he's such a trooper. Molly decked out her house in Halloween decorations, we all put on Halloween tattoos and played Halloween games--something that would have made college Gina very happy--and was quite amusing. Susan got engaged--finally!--after dating Kris for 9 years. Marsi gave Tate the most adorable Harley Davidson jacket, I got to meet new babies Rylan and Charlotte. It was such a perfect trip. And Lance survived with both children.

I came back rejuvenated, missing Lance and the kids, ready to cuddle with Tate and give Rowan her presents. Though it was a late night, it was nice to be home. And then, the next day, it was all back to reality. Back to nap-skipping, tantrum-throwing, time-outs and teething. But also back to cuddling while reading books, coloring, making projects and leaf-collecting, cheering on Tate's crawling, playing pat-a-cake and splashing in the tub.

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Stephanie said...

So glad you had fun! I am very jealous of the David Sedaris - I'm going to need a recap!