Thursday, April 24, 2008

Naptime Entertainment

Rowan has been in bed "napping" for almost an hour and I love listening to her little conversations with herself. She spent the first part of the nap talking about her family and named all of the members of her family over and over. (Lately she has named two of her Little People "Grandma Jackie" and "Grandma Mary" and likes them to accompany her during meals. Grandma Jackie is a blond-haired paramedic. Grandma Mary is a dog in a postal worker uniform. We'll be keeping that one to ourselves...) After hearing about family members, I have been listening to interesting renditions of "Where is Thumbkin", "Jesus Loves Me", the ABCs and a song my mom taught Rowan about a Dutch girl and Sambo. She has also been saying "wild, wild, wild little girl".

After yet another pooping in bed incident, Lance had the brilliant idea to put her sleepsack on backwards so she can't unzip it herself. It's working wonderfully, however, this sleepsack is fleece and as the weather gets warmer, I'm afraid it will be too hot for her to wear. I may have to get online and see if they make extra large sleep sacks in a lightweight material. If not, I might just have to learn how to use my sewing machine which is still sitting in it's never opened box. And, on the subject of sleep, Tate has been sleeping much better at night for the past few days. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but these 4-hour stretches are almost tolerable!

On another note, I got my haircut today for the first time since January and I feel so much better! If I can just make it look the same without the help of a professional...

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