Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Delinquent Blogger

When I actually have things to write about, I have no time to write. So, I'll be trying to sum up the past few weeks in one blog--then maybe later I'll write in more detail.

First smile--Just before Easter, Tate started smiling. I thought it was just a fluke, but soon realized he really is social smiling. It's quite fun and, considering he is still not a great sleeper, it's a nice thing to wake up to a smiling baby! He's just so adorable. Too bad today Rowan told me she was going to "pee and poo poo on Baby Tate". So ladylike...

Our trip to Charlotte--Though we tried to think of it as a vacation ahead of time, it surely was not. Poor Lance was stuck packing pretty much constantly and I left with the kids every day so that he could pack. Fortunately everything got packed and we decided to part with our dining room set, our kitchen table and benches, our washer and dryer and our lawn mower. So, when we do find a house it will undoubtedly be empty for quite a while. We sold our couch, loveseat and a bedroom set before we initially left Charlotte, so we'll be spending lots of time playing on the floor! I was able to see a lot of friends--playdates at Stacy, Patricia and Trang's house, Nathan's birthday party and dinner group. Jenni, Toni, Jared and Betsy came over, too. Rowan was in her element, having a great time and being social with her friends. And she was a trooper on the plane--even coming home when delays and cancellations put our arrival time at 5am. We could have driven home as quickly as it took us to fly. It was nice to be back in Charlotte, even with the stress of packing, and very sad to leave our first home.

No More Mortgage--Our house in Charlotte closed last Thursday. A bit of drama regarding our fence (it encroaches three neighboring properties), but we closed on time and are just awaiting some signatures regarding an easement to get some of our money which is being held in escrow. I'm so happy to have a month without double payments. We're now on the hunt for a house. We've pretty much settled on the Grandville area and are looking there for now. Things could change, but it's a good middle ground for us--very close to the highway making it easy for Lance to get to Holland and easy for me to get to Grand Rapids. The schools are good, too, which is huge. There are several nice neighborhoods and we're just hoping to find a house that will work for us. We went out with our realtor on Sunday, but are pretty sure we haven't found our house yet. I'm going again Friday and am hoping for better luck.

Medical Malady Part II--A quick trip to the doctor revealed severe wrist tendonitis (possibly carpel tunnel) as well as the flu. Yuck!

Rowan Turns Two--I can't believe Rowan is already two. Lance took her to Captain Sundae for her first ever ice cream. She chose a Dora shaped ice cream on a stick. I was home with the flu and was so sad to miss it! She had lots of fun sitting on Tommy Turtle and eating Dora. She's still talking about it. We also had a small party on Saturday with mostly family and a few friends. Rowan was squealing and running around, loving every minute of it. We had a blast.

Lost License--Lance is gone this week on a business trip. He called on his layover in Cleveland saying that he couldn't find his driver's license. He had enough documentation to fly so he wasn't too worried until I told him there was no way they'd let him rent a car. So, after finding the license (in my purse--it had been there since we went to Charlotte), I was off to FedEx to spend $60 to overnight it to him. But, he has it, has his car and was able to keep all of his appointments.

Spring is Here--We have actually had a few days in a row of sunny weather. We're spending part of the week at my mom's which is perfect. One of us is always ready to play with Rowan and we've had a lot of fun outside already. It's amazing what a little sunshine will do for my mood! I may even feel adventurous enough to give the dogs a bath outside!

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