Sunday, April 20, 2008

Butterflies and BMs

On Monday I took Rowan and Tate to Meijer Gardens to see the butterflies. I was so excited to take Rowan and see her reaction to the butterflies. We met Susan, Lily and Ally there. I'm not sure why I thought that Rowan should get out of her stroller and walk around, but I did. And she was wild. She decided the pathway was her own little track and decided to run in circles and squeal. Lily was upset because Rowan was running away from her, Tate was upset and screaming in the Baby Bjorn (which he generally loves) and I was trying to control them. Susan was a huge help, but I'll admit, I was ready to leave pretty quickly. I'm sure Rowan saw a few butterflies, but she wasn't all that excited by them. Not quite the perfect little field trip I had hoped for.

Later that day, Rowan wouldn't nap. I heard her upstairs playing and playing in her bed and decided to just let her hang out while I met with our mortgage broker and searched for houses. Little did I know she had gotten out of her sleep sack (which we make her wear to avoid such incidences) and her onesie and her diaper and, yes, she pooped in her bed. And played in it. A lot. When I finally went to get her, I opened the door and knew by the smell that I was in for a long afternoon. She was covered. Her bed was covered. Her stuffed animals were covered. She took the longest shower of her life, I did tons of laundry and poor Tate was stuck in his bouncy seat. Needless to say, I was more than ready for Lance to come home.

While we're on the subject of poop, Tate has recently started pooping approximately every 3 days. And when he goes, it literally shoots out of his diaper and up to his armpits. I called the doctor when he first went over a day and there were still no signs of poop. They, of course, inquired about his "BMs" (I feel so old referring to it as a "BM") and told me not to worry. Evidentally it's typical to go 6 times a day and just randomly start going every 3 days.

In the meantime, we can't begin to come to a decision on a house and I can picture the hours of evenings and weekends adding up until we finally settle on a house--and hopefully don't regret our decision!

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Stephanie said...

Oh, my. There are no words . . . I will possibly be calling you someday, though, for your wisdom when Jemma does something similar. Tonight, she pooped in the tub for the umpteenth time. (The tub, I admit, does not even compare to THE BED.)

Good luck on the housing search. And when you live in Grandville, you know who your friendly dentist can be! =)