Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Finally feeling back to normal

After a very long travel day on Saturday, Rowan and I were both relieved to be home. Rowan, however, had a much harder time adjusting back to life in Charlotte. Sunday and Monday, Rowan spent a good amount of time whining, crying and wanting to be held--by me only. Monday I attmepted to go to the gym, but Rowan only lasted about 25 minutes in child watch. So instead we put on our suits and went swimming for a bit. Yesterday Rowan accompanied me to my 14-week prenatal appointment. We got to hear little Sprout's heartbeat and everything looked good. I wasn't too thrilled about the 6-pound weight gain since my last appointment. After the appointment, we played at the park, which was refreshingly rather secluded since school has started now.

Today we started the day swimming at the Y. I also signed Rowan up for a parent/child "gymnastics" class that will start next week. Since my little monkey is so active, I think this will be great for her. I was thinking of signing her up for kindermusik, but I'm not sure that will be quite as fitting for her as this. Our fall is starting to fill up--library on Monday, moms group at church on Tuesday, gymnastics on Thursday and playgroups most Fridays. Hopefully that will keep up both sufficiently busy and stimulated.

Here are some activities Rowan is currently enjoying: ring around the rosie, dancing, giving kisses, coloring (though eating the crayons is still an issue), playing with stickers, playing chase, collecting leaves, sticks and other assorted natural objects outside, running, climbing (onto anything and everything, stable or not). Some things Rowans enjoys eating: sun butter and fruit spread sandwiches, any snack (crackers, cheerios, etc.), raisins, most fruits, peas and carrots, macaroni and cheese, pasta with tomato sauce, whole wheat pancakes (sometimes), anything she can eat with her hands (it is no longer cool to be fed by mom).

Rowan wakes up happy and likes to be on the go all day. She's lot of fun and very energetic. I'm trying my best to be energetic with her!

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