Friday, August 24, 2007

Last Day in Michigan

Well, it was our last full day in Michigan today. Quite a long visit, but nice. I'm very ready to be home and miss Lance tremendously. Yesterday we played with Lily in the morning and went to the beach in the afternoon. It was a great day for everyone--especially after such rainy weather. Today Eric came to visit, so he had a great time with his niece and I lost in pinochle--twice. I'm trying very hard to fit everything into my suitcases, but to no avail. My mom will be stuck bringing a few bags of things with her to Hilton Head in October.

Here are some of the things I loved about being home: talking to my mom in person every day, playing games, having help with Rowan (taking daily showers and even occasionally going to the bathroom alone), home-cooked delicious meals every night (none of which I cooked), friends (thank you, Susan, for coming to hang out with us!), cooler weather and reading an entire book in the free time that doesn't exist at home

Here are some things I missed about Charlotte: talking to Lance in person every day, the excitement when Lance walks in the door after work, home, warmer weather (though I will never hope for those 100+ degree days), silence (rare, but wonderful during Rowan's naps), my sweet and lovable dogs, Harley and Sebastian.

Not looking forward to a very long day of travel tomorrow, but can't wait for the end result!

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