Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's a Boy!

After some deliberation, Lance and I decided to find out the gender of the baby this time.  Rowan and Tate were quite literally begging to find out and, while I typically don't go for the whole begging thing, they won this time.  I scheduled my ultrasound on a day neither child had school and we made it a family affair.  When the tech told us it's definitely a boy, I stole a glance at Rowan and she didn't even look particularly disappointed, despite the fact that she had been pretty outspoken about wanting a girl. And since finding out, about a week and a half ago, she has been talking to her baby brother, making him cards and wondering about names.  The only time I heard even a hint of disappointment was when she said "I'm excited it's a boy, but if it was a girl I would have been so excited I wouldn't even be able to sleep."  Tate, of course, is thrilled he's going to have a baby brother and already is asking if they can share a room.  To which Rowan says "No, I want to share a room with the baby."  To which I say to both of them, "No, you're all going to have your own rooms."

Our family is starting to get pretty excited about another little boy joining us soon.  And Lance and I are struggling to come up with a name we both agree on (shocking, I know).  Dare I even mention that before we found out the gender, he was telling me how he really likes the name Penny.  Penny Pellow?  Can you see my eyes rolling right now?  
 A cake the kids made with Bethany (the babysitter) when Lance and I were on a date night.  Bethany said Rowan drew out the design on some paper and was very specific about what she wanted.
Proud big brother and sister
Some silly kids making the announcement

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