Friday, June 8, 2012


I remember the day kindergarten began.  I made you a special breakfast, took pictures, wrote a special note for your snacks and lunch and drove you to school, excited to be able to stay with you for the first hour or so of the day.  I watched you walk confidently in, despite not knowing a single soul in your class.  I held back the tears as your teacher walked you outside for recess and the parents gathered in the library to ask questions.

When you rode the bus home that day, Tate and I were waiting for you with special pink cupcakes.  We both could not wait for you to come home, to tell us all about what you did all day long.  We heard about a new friend or two and the snacks you got at school.  But most of the day was yours--not something you shared with us.

And that's kind of how the year was.  You started becoming your own little person in kindergarten.  You were gone from 8-4, two or three days a week--riding the bus, going to school, eating meals, making friends--all without me.  You came home, telling me a few small tidbits about your day.  Maybe later I'd overhear you singing a song you learned in music class or on the playground.  You did come home singing Justin Beiber, as I imagined you would, as well as Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, but you still remained pretty innocent.  You always came home with a smile on your face and, while you seemed to love school, you cannot wait for summer break.

I was lucky enough to help in your classroom a few hours every Thursday.  You were always extra excited those mornings when you left for school, knowing that in just over an hour, I'd be in your room. I actually met all of the kids I had heard about, saw your teacher in action, watched you work in the classroom.  You and your classmates all gave me hugs before I left.  You gave me extra hugs and a kiss.  I wonder how much longer you'll be excited for me to come see you at school.  And how long I have until any hugs and kisses will be reserved for home--not something to be seen in front of your friends.

You just had your 6-year-checkup with Dr. D.  You're now 43.5 inches tall and 39 pounds.  Despite being "a lightweight", as he called you, you're right on track for a 6-year-old.  Reading, riding a bike, having your very first "wiggly tooth".

I woke up in the middle of the night, awake for no reason as usual, and peeked in on you, sound asleep in your huge queen bed.  Bethany had tucked you in for the night while we were on a date night and I checked on you before I went to sleep, but I wanted to see you once more.  You kicked off your covers during the night and were tangled up in your pink sheets.  You were wearing your pajama shirt backward--a mistake you probably won't make too many more times.  Your room was littered with giant pieces of paper (many of which are written love notes to your baby brother), baby dolls and a few stuffed animals.  Your nightstand was completely full--a stack of books, Polly Pockets, Kleenex and stickers piled on top.  Your last night as a kindergartener.

Today you woke up to cinnamon roll pancakes, put on your already chosen graduation clothes, tolerated a few pictures and climbed onto the bus for the last time for quite a few months.  You sang in front of a crowd at graduation, even though you later told me you were nervous.  You were smiling the whole time.  We stopped by the farmer's market afterward where you picked out a huge basket of sugar peas and helped choose some plants for the garden--mixed greens, tomatoes, peppers, cauliflower and brussels sprouts (which, along with the tomatoes, I'm certain you won't eat).  We ate lunch and spent the rest of the day celebrating graduation with Lily and Alayna at Susan's cottage.  We had a fabulous day.

You now enter the summer phase.  When people ask what grade you're in and your not entirely sure what to say--"I just finished kindergarten" or "I'll be in first grade" or just a confident "first", knowing that you've left kindergarten behind and have moved on whether you are in school or not.  I asked you some things you'd like to do over the summer and, like me, you pretty much plan on spending lots of time at the pool, seeing some friends and cousins, going to the beach and having some fun summer picnics.  I cannot wait to spend the summer with you.

 First Day of Kindergarten
 Last Day of Kindergarten
 Rowan with Mrs. Phillips
Rowan, Sydney and Emma having some graduation fun

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Stephanie said...

I am just seeing this, and it is so sweet. What a big girl she looks like in that last day of school picture!