Monday, May 7, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth

When we found out that Baby Pellow #3 would be joining our family, Lance and I decided that we needed to take Rowan and Tate to Disney World now, while they are still young enough for it to feel magical, but before we have a baby to tote along.  We researched, talked to friends and made a plan.  A 9-day trip that would consist of 3 Disney days and maybe a day at Legoland.  And then the airline we were flying went bankrupt.  And our plans came to a bit of a halt.  Many phone calls, lots of figuring out alternate vacation dates for Lance, and the trip was rescheduled.  A 5.5-day trip that would now only include 2 Disney days and maybe a Legoland day was planned.

And the vacation was perfect.  We would have all loved to stay longer.  But I think that's for the best.  It's always best to leave when everyone is still having an amazing time.  If you wait until people are cranky, tired and generally just over it, you come home with those less-than-ideal memories mixed in with the great ones.

We ended up spending one entire day at Magic Kingdom (from just after open until close) and also one entire day at Hollywood Studios.  Both kids agree that Magic Kingdom was better--lots more to do, more rides, etc. but both parks were great for our kids.  They met so many characters, rode tons of rides and never had to wait in line more than 20 minutes or so.

A few highlights from Magic Kingdom--the rides--both kids preferred rides that provided a bit of an adrenaline rush (so It's A Small World was fun, but the spinning teacups were much better), the characters, the light parade (Tate was so adorable during this) and the fireworks (I think watching Rowan watch the fireworks was my favorite part of the day).

A few highlights from Hollywood Studios--Rowan was picked as the special princess during the Beauty and the Beast show and she got to walk up and get a hug from Belle and the prince handed her a rose, The Toy Story ride (this was my favorite--a fun one that an expectant mom can ride) and watching the kids in the Jedi training school (this was more hysterical than anything else).  Both kids also loved spending a little too much time in the arcade of Pizza Planet.

Instead of Legoland, we took the kids to a hands-on farm where they got to hold baby ducks and chicks, catch a chicken, feed pigs and milk a cow.  It was a nice change of pace from theme park craziness.  And we did plenty of swimming in the pools and picnicking outside.

None of us were ready to come back to reality and we all have nothing but wonderful memories of a fabulous vacation.

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