Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Part of That World

My little man has a bit of an obsession right now. Not cars, not sports, but The Little Mermaid is what is occupying his mind. He talks about Ariel kind of non-stop and wakes up from his naps singing Part of That World. He asks for stories about Ariel and likes to play Ariel and Sebastian with Rowan. Sometimes I play the role of King Triton, sometimes Ursula. Occasionally I'm the one of the sisters. There's always lots of yelling about going to the surface. I'm reminded that humans are not barbarians! There was an argument today about who got to get the Ariel tattoo in a new tattoo pack.

And while I know his love of Ariel might not be the most boyish behavior, but you to admit, it is one of the more adorable things you've seen today.

***Okay, the video would be the cutest thing ever if, in fact, you could see it. Ever since getting my new computer, I can't post pictures or videos or even publish to this site. I also can't e-mail pictures or videos to myself (or anyone else) to try to publish them on another computer...

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