Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Pick of the Season

My favorite plants in our yard are our strawberry plants. Every year we have so much fun picking them, eating them, making fun recipes with them. Last week was our first pick of the season and we've picked a few hundred more since then. We made strawberry cupcakes, strawberry muffins, strawberry jam. Tomorrow's dinner is balsamic-strawberry chicken and salad with strawberry dressing. We are loving it! The kids are having fun counting the strawberries and making a bar graph. Tate could eat them all day. Rowan prefers me to make them into some kind of sweet treat. I love that we literally do nothing with them all year--no weeding, no thinning out, no pesticides or fertilizer, and they just keep coming back! That is my kind of plant. Our sugar snap peas are also coming up and the kids are eating them straight off the plant. I am relatively certain this is the first time they have been excited about eating peas! We're loving our garden and the farmer's market and can't wait until the pineapple tomatillos are ready at our favorite organic veggie stand!

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