Thursday, July 14, 2011


How is it that this lovely summer is about half over? We have been busy beyond belief this summer, even though I intentionally kept several weeks with no plans. We've had fun every single day. We've been swimming in lakes and pools, we've jumped on the trampoline, played on the jungle gym, pumped as high as possible on the swings (except Tate, who still needs a good push). We've played with neighbors, friends across town, friends in other towns, friends in other states. We've been on vacation (Lake Michigan beach house, thanks to Mark and Sonja; and family camp, thanks to the sheer insistence by my mother that we absolutely must go to family camp). We've done swim lessons, soccer camp, safe city and VBS. We've picked strawberries, tomatoes and snap peas from our gardent. We are doing our best to make the very most of this summer.

So while it's easy for me, an outspoken loather of all things winter, to already start to dread the winter that is to come, I'm looking at this summer as half-full. I really feel like we've made an entire summer of memories and we still have over a month left!

This weekend, Lance and I head to Philadelphia and NYC to celebrate 11 years of marriage. The kids will spend the weekend at Grandma's. We'll come home, refreshed after some great adult time. They'll come home, all sugared up and spoiled from some great Grandma time. And we'll spend more time making memories.

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