Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mommy-Daughter Date Day

Today I took Rowan to her first ballet. She knew we were having a date day, but where we were going was a surprise. When I told her we were going to a ballet to see real ballerinas, her response caught me off-guard. She said "I don't want to go. I just want to stay home and play with you. I AM a real ballerina." "Well, I suppose you are, Rowan, as you do take real ballet classes and all, but this is going to be different", I assured her. So she got dressed up and we went downtown to the St. Cecelia's Music Center for Carnival of the Animals. It was pretty impressive. Rowan was asking questions the whole time. "Why are the lights off?" "Why aren't they talking?" "Why it is a boy who has the dreams and not a girl?" "When is the mermaid coming?" "Why is the kangaroo on stage with the fish?" "It looks like they're really underwater. Is that really water all over the stage?" "Can we stay and watch another show?" "Can I go meet the mermaid onstage?" She did meet the mermaid, but was too shy to get a picture with her. She loved it, but couldn't wait for the next part of our date.

We lunched on the back deck of Rose's (where Rowan insisted she wanted another hot dog after finishing her first. After getting hot dog #2, she licked the ketchup off and declared herself done.) and then went out to the frozen lake for the kite festival. There was a little station set up for the kids to make their kites. Rowan picked a red kite with a pink tail and loved running through the snow trying to get it to fly. She did pretty well, getting her kite into the air and running as fast as she could to keep it up there. She had a blast. She begged to stay longer. I let her. It was about as perfect of a date with my little girl as I could imagine.

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