Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthday Boy

Somehow, when you're young, your birthday celebration morphs into more of a birthweek celebration. On Tate's actual birthday, we celebrated at home. He had a special request of beans and rice for dinner and brownies for dessert. He talked about the brownies all day long. He was showered with lots of Toy Story gifts including a scooter, a talking Buzz and green alien, a few Toy Story figures and a pair of rollerskates (which should be amuzing if nothing else).

Day 2 of the celebration came the next day when Grandma Jackie and Aunt Michelle came to take Tate to Red Robin for his birthday lunch. He had pizza and a special sundae and a balloon. And more presents, of course. A Lightning McQueen bike and helmet and various other Cars paraphrenilia.

Day 3 wasn't so much a celebration when we went for Tate's 3-year check-up. He had a pretty bad ear infection (and probably had it since Sunday when he was complaining that his ear hurt, but then he never mentioned it again) and had to get one shot. He weighed in at 29 pounds (25th %ile) and 36 inches (also 25th %ile).

Day 4 (today) was his party. He had been looking forward to it all week--not so much for the fact that it was at a fire station or that his friends would be there, but pretty much because he really wanted a cupcake! And more presents, of course. The kids loved checking out all the fire trucks, ringing the bell on the old fire truck and trying on all the fire gear. I loved that it wasn't at my house so all I had to do was show up with food and we were ready to go. And I love that Tate's friends have parents that are my friends. A win-win situation!

Tate, the week started off rough. You skipped a nap, cried a lot, were clingy, liked to say "No" way too frequently. I was dreading the whole "3 is much worse than 2" stage that seemed to be happening. But today you were more yourself. Not necessarily always cooperative, but pretty good. Full of cuddles and kisses. I'm blaming the ear infection for the beginning of the week and I'm hoping you spend this year proving my previous statement wrong.

I love that every night when I ask God to give you sweet dreams about _________, you always fill in the blank with "Everyone. Because I love everyone in the world." And I love that you occasionally fill in "especially you" after that already adorable statement. I love that your new favorite statement is "Oh, yeah" and you say it anytime you even mildly agree with something. "Tate, are you ready for a brownie?" "Oh, yeah." "Tate, are you finished with your dinner?" "Oh, yeah." "Tate, do you think you could eat one more piece of asparagus?" "Oh, yeah." I love that you are obsessed with Toy Story and Cars, even though I think you've seen each movie once and not in their entirety. I love that you are the only boy in dance class, but I'm pretty sure you haven't even noticed. I love that you have always happily played with Rowan's toys, but you ran down an aisle in Target the other day and shouted. "Mom! Look over here! It's BOYS TOYS!" You are becoming such a little boy, as shocked as I am to say it. And I can't wait to spend the next year watching you grow even more.

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