Friday, February 4, 2011

Daddy-Daughter Dinner

The pictures pretty much say it all. Tonight was the Daddy-Daughter Dinner. Rowan couldn't wait to be Daddy's little princess tonight. She told her classmates all about it for show and tell. She picked out her outfit (after I banned the size 2T Sleeping Beauty dress with a large hole). She planned her meal (I don't like chicken or mashed potatoes, so I'll eat a roll, some corn and my cupcake--and that's exactly what she did). She listed all of the friends she might see (Will Marley be there? Will Cassie be there? Will Lydia be there? Will River be there?)

Since I volunteered to help out, I was a fly on the wall, observing, sneaking in for a few photos. Watching Rowan be swept off her feet (literally and figuratively) by her daddy (and hoping that some day, a LONG way down this road, that she will expect to be swept off her feet by a guy as nice as Lance). Games, dancing, dinner, cupcakes.

I went to check on her tonight after she fell asleep and there she was, with a picture frame (one of tonight's gifts) lying on the pillow right next to her. Sweet dreams.

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