Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Groundhog Day!

Senior year of college, my housemates and I were up way too late the night of February 1st and were talking about how funny it is that everyone calls their friends, family, etc. on midnight New Year's Eve to wish them all a "Happy New Year". And we decided that this should certainly occur on other holidays. So, we tried to be the first to wish many of our friends "Happy Groundhog Day" since that was the random holiday that was Feb. 2. And that has kind of lived on. When teaching at Charlotte Jewish Day School, Groundhog Day was one of the few holidays I could share with my kids. And I continue to embrace this holiday for it's complete randomness.

So, today, the family celebrated. Each of the kids made a groundhog to take outside, pop out of it's hole and check for a shadow. No shadow! So, this very scientific process means spring is just around the corner! And I spent no less than 2 hours making these super-cute groundhog cupcakes (but they're really whole wheat banana muffins). Really, it might have been closer to 3 hours. Ridiculous, but the kids loved them. And at least they really did taste yummy! All in all, a fun day, hope for spring (though, clearly, the background in these pictures shows that it's full-on winter here) and some happy kids.

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