Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Tater Tot

I can't believe my little guy is already 2! Every day he is getting bigger, saying more things, trying to keep up with his beloved big sister. He is also learning how to throw a tantrum and fight back. He loves horses, the color orange, Rowan and being held. He loves to sing "Elmo's World" and put different characters in place of the word "Elmo" (Zoe's World, Rowan's World, etc.) He has the cutest raspy voice and laugh. He chose his own birthday dinner--pizza and carrots. He is very opinionated and will only wear an outfit if there is orange on it. He is full of love and is always saying "Love you so much, Mommy." He is very LOUD. Everything he says, he yells. It gets very noisy in our house.

Today he woke up, we sang him Happy Birthday and he insisted he is now 4. We took Rowan to school, went out to get a birthday balloon, went to the pet store to see the cats and fish, played in the snow. Tonight we ate his birthday dinner, had a giant horse cookie cake that was easier to make than I anticipated, and opened presents. He and Rowan then spent the rest of the night playing with new toys (and fighting over them). He had a great day. So did I.

I love you so much, my sweet little man. You have such a fun spirit and loving heart. A few days ago, when you woke up in the middle of the night, I went in to you, held you in my arms and you fell asleep. And though I really wanted to go back to bed, I wanted to just stay like that with you a little longer. One minute turned into ten, turned into twenty. Soon enough you'll be too old to fall asleep in my arms, you won't want me to hold you and I'll really, really miss that. I just looked at you and thought "Wow, even though the days can seem really long, the years seem really short." Was it really two years ago that the doctors lifted you out of me and your daddy said "It's a boy!" It's been a great ride, Bud. I can't wait to watch your grow up.

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