Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sick Days

A few weeks ago, a flulike bug hit our house. Rowan got the worst of it. As you can see from the pictures. Poor, poor sweet Rowan. It was a very rough week at the Pellow home. No school, no playdates, no fun to be had.

As you can see, Tate didn't mind at all. Yes, he is wearing Halloween pajamas in February because there is ORANGE on them and he insists on wearing orange every single day. Makes for lots of outfit repeptition. He also insists on yelling "ORANGE" at the top of his lungs anytime he sees orange. He especially likes the Home Depot sign we see on the way to Rowan's school "ORANGE SIGN, MOMMY! ORANGE!!!!" The sunglasses I can't explain. He hasn't worn them before or since but absolutely had to wear them that particular morning.

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