Sunday, January 3, 2010

Santa Claus

For pretty much the whole month of December, all I heard about from Rowan was her only Christmas wish--a real live pig. That and, of course, waking up each morning and immediately saying "Advent calendar" and running into our room to eat the Hershey kiss out of her calendar. Tate did the exact same thing. Though he also snuck into the room when we were playing somewhere else and stole candy.

So when we went to see Santa at the Gerald Ford Museum (can it get any better than that?), I was sure she'd mention her wish for a pig. Instead, we waited in a long line, got to the front where Rowan freaked out. She got within about 10 feet of Santa. He asked what she wanted for Christmas, she yelled "A cookie" and then ran away. Tate sat on Mrs. Claus's lap crying away. When I later told her Santa would come to her house to bring her presents, she said "He better not come to my house."

Other funny things this season: Tate saying "Santa Claus, ha ha ha" (though he figured out pretty quickly he really says "ho ho ho" and altered his little mantra accordingly), the ridiculous obsession with the advent calendar, which I truly feel is the reason the kids seem to be waking up earlier, Rowan practicing her Christmas songs for the church performance very loudly in practice (and excitedly adding "and many more" at the top of her lungs after "Happy Birthday, Jesus"), but chewing on her dress during the entire real performance.

Tate is becoming a pretty easy-going little guy, most of the time. Generally when I try to correct him, he just says "Oh, okay, Mama". He loves blocks, books and snacks. He loves horses, Elmo and pretty much anything Rowan loves. Rowan is starting to really read (well, a little bit) and can read most of the Bob books on her own. She loves reading, being read to, and hearing stories. Still. All the time. She also loves the Little Einstein's character, June (though we've never actually seen that show), pigs and anything pink.

I've had a blast with these kids this month. And I'm looking forward to more fun in 2010.

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