Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tate's Two-Year Stats

My big guy had his two-year appointment today and was quite the champ. We brought along the trusty Elmo doctor kit and he gave us a check-up as well. We did lots of practice "shots" at home, but that didn't make it any better. However, he only cried for a few seconds and then said "Candy? Me have candy now?"

No surprises, really, with the weight and height. He weighed in at just over 27 pounds (35th %ile) and was 34 1/4 inches tall (55th %ile). His head stayed strong at the 95th %ile at 50 cm. circumference. I always look at Tate and think he's such a solid kid, so the fact that 27 pounds is only the 35th %ile is funny to me. Maybe it's his giant head that throws me off. Or that I'm just so used to that 5-10th
%ile range for Rowan.

Dr. D. asked the usual questions about what things Tate can do, what is typical for a 2-yr. old, etc. Dr. D. said most 2-year-olds start opening doors by themselves and I told him I'd rather Tate not figure that one out for a while. He looked at me as though I was holding my child back from some important milestone. But, really, Tate, just hold off on that one. For now, a closed door is just as good as a locked door and I really would rather keep it that way for a while.

Though Tate can throw a tantrum, it's not that frequent that it happens and he's generally a pretty good kid. Dr. D. asked about discipline and I realized that, other than a few time outs, we really haven't had to discipline him a whole lot. Though it was a reminder to read through Love and Logic one more time, just to get ready for what may be coming.

Weather-wise, though, what may be coming is more sun! After a rather horrid week last week, the sun is now shining and we have spent a few good hours playing outside. Sure, there is still snow on the ground, but the streets and sidewalks are clear and it's perfect for riding bikes and scooters, having races and even drawing with sidewalk chalk. We are loving it.

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