Sunday, May 4, 2008

Medical Maladies Part III

Yes, we couldn't stop with the previous maladies. After yet another abscess, I went to the doctor, had a culture done and found out that, in fact, I do have MRSA. Yep, it's the infection that's been all over the news. The one that the newspaper writes articles about healthy people dying from this antibiotic-resistant infection that takes over their body. Evidentally I've had this since my c-section. So, I'm now being treated for it. And I'm hoping it works. And I'm hoping that Lance, Rowan and Tate are MRSA free. The thing about MRSA is that once you have it, you have it forever. So, from now on, any skin abnormality means a trip to the doctor for lancing and culturing, more rounds of meds, etc. I am not a happy camper.

My mom came to visit on Wednesday and was here when I got the news. Of course my first thought is that I'm going to die and leave my children motherless. I know, I'm ridiculous. But, now I'm just a little annoyed, irate with the hospital because they need to step up their sanitation practices and slightly worried for my kids. I'm doing everything I can do to get rid of this outbreak.

Before the dreaded phone call, my mom and I went to the tulip farm with the kids. Rowan loved the windmills and wanted to stop at every one. She also seemed ot like the tulips and the bison. I felt like such a tourist, but it was actually pretty fun. It was a nice day, Tate slept in the Bjorn, my mom carried Rowan around in the backpack and we just got to hang out a bit.

This weekend was Hope's graduation which means Lance has been working all weekend. He did, however, have a short break yesterday and we all went to Kinderplaats at Tulip Time and to Cooper's birthday party. Rowan had a great time. And today the kids are remarkably asleep at the same time. So, I've added some pictures to some of my older posts (I love the one of Tate in the "Fat and Balding" post. Thanks, Andrea and David, for the cute little outfit). Yes, I should be doing laundry or deciding exactly what it is I plan to do with the tilapia in the fridge, but I am just so good at wasting time!

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Stephanie said...

I love the photo of Tate, too! I think he looks a lot like Rowan.

Call soon and let us know how the medical situation is going . . . and we SO need to have you guys over soon! Hang in there!