Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Officially Under Contract!

We're so thrilled to finally be officially buying a house. The paperwork is signed, the inspection is tomorrow and we can't wait! We'll be moving in around the end of June, so we still have around a month to take advantage of walking to Tunnel Park, Lance coming home for lunch on occasion, and enjoying a great farmer's market. Then we'll be moving to Byron Center where we'll enjoy a much shorter drive to Grand Rapids and Portage, a large back yard that we will immediately fence in, happier dogs due to the fence and finally a chance to unpack all of our things and find things we had completely forgotten about. And I think there's a farmer's market there, too!

In the meantime, Tate has decided it's no longer fun to sleep through the night. So, we're up in the middle of the night for a feeding and then Tate falls right back to sleep and I don't. Let's hope this is just a quick phase. Let's also hope this cold weather is a short phase. We walked from Lindsay and Cooper's house to the farmer's market and were all freezing by the time we got back. And then Rowan promptly threw her lunch on their floor. But, the absolute adorableness of Cooper and Rowan holding hands in between their strollers made it a great playdate nonetheless. I wish I had my camera and I'd post a picture.

Now for my current argument with Lance (this really is a long-term argument, but we are at it once again). Lance thinks that brown and khaki are the same color. This irritates me because Lance will often ask for something specific (i.e. Could you find my brown pants?) and then I won't be able to find what he's talking about because he's really referring to khaki pants. He is now talking about our house and how the walls in one room are blue and brown. They are actually blue and khaki. I explained to Lance that khaki and brown are kind of like pink and red. They're in the same family, but are not the same color. If you agree with me, please let me know. And let Lance know. This argument really needs to be settled. And I need to win.

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