Friday, May 23, 2008

My Life as a Reality TV Show

So, Lance and I just finished watching a few episodes of The Hills (I know, I know. It's just a guilty pleasure of mine) and I got to thinking about my life and how it would make a, well, less-than-thrilling reality TV show. Instead of galavanting around fabulous LA hot spots and wearing designer couture, I could give a little insight into the life of a stay-at-home mom. Today's episode would feature a walk to the park only to find 7 bus loads full of children there to celebrate the end of the school year, several attempts at the perfect swaddle, me constantly washing my hands to look inside Tate's mouth to make sure the crankiness and less-than-perfectr nighttime sleep isn't a result of early teething, pulling Dora stickers off the carpet, a glamorous dinner of meatloaf, rice and green beans which Rowan promptly declared "not good, not yummy" and then Lance and I watching TV on our computer. Scenes from the next episode would most likely feature very similar events, just with different outfits. Next season would cover our big move to the sprawling metropolis of Byron Center and might feature dilemmas such as: finding the nearest decent grocery store, Rowan taking a gymnastics class and taking almost daily walks to the park, but to put a new spin on that season, it will be a different park!

Yes, that is the life of a stay-at-home mom. Of course there are always date nights to look forward to (at least I hope there will be. Tate is still banning the bottle), but for the most part, my daily routine is just that--routine. But there are little pieces of my routine that I couldn't trade--cuddling with Rowan after her nap, finding new ways to make Tate laugh, watching Rowan dance and "spin around", eating dinner as a family and singing the kids their "special special" songs before bed. And I'm also very glad that I had my college days to live a more reality-TV worthy life, complete with many, many parties, lots of late-90s fashion and more than enough drama to make a 30-minute episode each week.

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Stephanie said...

Our lives would be SUCH boring reality TV, but there are times when I wish a camera was running so that I could show other people later: "See? See how ridiculous that afternoon was?"

Can't wait to see the new house. Holler if you need help moving.