Friday, January 18, 2008

Big Girl Bed

Rowan never ceases to amaze me. Today we tried a nap in her "big girl bed" for the first time. I was so worried that she'd immediately start jumping on the bed, would climb over the bedrails, would slide off the end of the bed and play, etc. But, she rolled around for about 15 minutes, completely unsure of what to do with both the pillow and the comforter, but then she fell asleep. I watched from the doorway through a tiny little crack and am surprised my laughter didn't keep her awake. She kept sticking her head under the comforter and ended up sleeping on her back in the middle of the bed. Such a tiny little thing in that big bed! Not much fanfare, not much stress. Really it was quite easy. Now I know I'm getting ahead of myself. Just because she's sleeping there now does not mean that she will always sleep there well or that she will take a long nap for me, but I'm excited about the prospect of it nonetheless. Of course instead of taking this time to nap myself, I know I'll be peeking in on her every few minutes just to make sure she's not nearing the end of the bed.

On another note, we got our first offer on our house yesterday. Quite disappointing, really, as they offered about $17.000 less than our asking price. So, we're not going for it. But I guess it's good to know someone is interested. Hopefully someone else wil be interested soon--with a slightly more kosher offer.

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