Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And the weekly doctor appointments begin...

Today was the first of my weekly doctor's appointments for the remainder of this pregnancy. I was a little apprehensive about bringing Rowan to this one with me as I knew the doctor might be doing a strep B swab and a quick check internally. So, a slightly longer appointment that is a bit more invasive than the quick measurement. I had heard stories from a few friends about their sweet, gentle, caring children getting quite upset when the doctor was touching their mommy. I brought along an array of goodies and toys to keep Rowan busy, just hoping that she wouldn't freak out too much.

Not only did she not freak out, but Rowan loved the doctor's appointment. When the nurse put the blood pressure cuff on, Rowan started laughing and saying "Mommy, blood pressure! Rowee blood pressure, too!" Then when I had to strip down and sit on the table covered by a very comfortable paper blanket of sorts, Rowan was elated. "Mommy, diaper change!" she was yelling. I was cracking up. The entire time anything was being "done" to me, Rowan was in absolute glee.

On another note, this baby is really low. The doctor wasn't initially planning on even checking me until next week, but was concerned that the baby might be coming soon. But, after checking she let me know there is absolutely nothing going on down there, that the baby is just really low and is turned in a "funny" direction (it's nose to my spine and it's neck a bit crooked). So, we're hoping the baby will turn so I can avoid the terrible pain of back labor or having a c-section or having the baby's head pushed a funny way during labor which often results in the poor baby needing to wear a helmet and have physical therapy. None of these things sound particularly pleasing.

On another note, it's really really cold out. I'm realizing the warm, dry weather of Charlotte allowed me to completely lose my creative side and rely on going to the park every day. Now that the park isn't an option, I'm going to have to try to think of actual activities to keep Rowan occupied during the day. I've come up with a few, but I feel a repetoire of 20 new activities may only occupy Rowan for about an hour. So, I'm on the hunt for a few great things that will keep us busy for longer than a few minutes. Right now the only thing that seems to work is playing tea party, but, really, I'm ready for a break from the tea party for a while. So, any great ideas would be apprectiated!

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Stephanie said...

Congrats on a funny, happy appointment - "Mommy diaper change" is hilarious!

Activities: Play-Doh, Crayola Color Wonder markers (they make them for windows now, too), dress-up with skirts and shoes and scarves, dance party, making projects from craft supplies (get a big bin full of sequins, stickers, pipe cleaners . . . dollar store stuff from Michael's, etc.), kid's section at bookstore, aquatic center. Good luck!