Sunday, January 27, 2008


So, Lance and I finally went to church for the first time since moving to Michigan. Beth, an aquaintance from high school, invited us to go to her church for service and lunch afterward. So, we decided to actually get out of bed before 9:00 (yes, Rowan is currently sleeping until 9:00 every day) and meet them. Rowan surprisingly ran right into the nursery to play and did great, allowing us to enjoy a service without too much stress (Rowan often clings to my leg and cries when we leave so I spend many services staring at the pager, just waiting for them to call me to retrieve my child). Afterward there was a family lunch. The kids all run around and the parents talk. Rowan had a great time chasing older kids around and stealing toys from them. Before lunch there was, of course, a prayer. Generally we say a prayer before dinner at night, so Rowan knows the routine. Lately she has been saying "amen" as soon as we start praying. We're pretty sure this is not because she is whole-heartedly agreeing with the prayer, but because she's ready to move on to the good stuff. So, today, as soon as the prayer began, Rowan shouted out "amen!" We tried unsuccessfully to stop her from saying it again, but by the time the prayer actually ended, she had shouted "amen" four times. Many people turned to look at us, wondering why we could not quiet our child. Others just laughed. I was laughing during the entire prayer as was Lance. We'll see whether or not we're invited back...

On another note, Lance leaves tomorrow at 6am for a business trip. I'm dreading long evenings without any help with Rowan and trying to take care of the dogs who are longing for a fenced-in yard. And I'm definitely hoping the baby doesn't decide to make a very early appearance.

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