Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Tooth Fairy

Rowan had been wiggling the tooth for a while, willing it to come out before the end of kindergarten, though it wasn't quite loose enough yet.  I was also hoping it would come out soon, too, as long as I didn't have to pull it out.  Lance literally got queasy at the thought of pulling out the tooth and, while I gave it a few half-hearted pulls, I was kind of hoping it would just fall out on its own.

And it did.  In a way.  Enter Luke, energetic cousin here for the week.  A few good jumps on the trampoline, Luke's knee making contact with Rowan's mouth, and excited kids running in, Rowan holding her tooth.

Rowan's reaction was funny.  She had been waiting and waiting to lose her very first tooth, but when it happened, she said "I wanted the tooth to come out, but not quite yet.  I don't think I was quite ready yet."  But then she got excited about the tooth fairy and what she might find under her pillow and she got over the fact that her mouth was bleeding a little.

She was even more excited when Trang sent a picture of Nathan, Rowan's best friend from Charlotte, who lost the same tooth (also his first one) on the same day as Rowan.

 Trying to show off her new gap!
Rowan with Luke and her Tooth Fairy earnings the next morning

Now, almost 2 weeks later, her new tooth is poking through.  Last night Rowan said "Look, Mommy.  I have an adult tooth coming in.  That means I'm almost an adult."  Don't rush things, Sweetie.  

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