Saturday, July 28, 2012

12 Years

Some days it seems like life is on fast forward.  How can it possibly be that Lance and I have been married for 12 years already?  Wasn't it way more recently that he first asked me on a date (at Parrot's, of course.  Not the date.  The ask.  The actual date, which turned into two, was at JP's and then the comedy club at the BOB--fitting for us, I think).

It's funny how people can change over a 12-year span.  I was once a completely carefree person who thought nothing of packing up and studying abroad alone,  went skydiving and bungee jumping with friends and had virtually every night packed with some sort of social event.  Lance pretty much lived in Adidas, played soccer constantly and never imagined himself working in an office.  His favorite breakfast was Reese's Puffs cereal.  Our earlier days of marriage were spent watching Seinfeld reruns, playing old school video games, going out to eat more often than not (or, quite often, eating in front of the television).  We traveled, spent lots of time with friends, went to shows, got dressed up.  I rarely made the bed, often had piles of laundry to do, never spent time researching the best vacuum cleaners.

As time passed, I have turned into more of a worrier, more of a planner, more of a "mom", I guess.  Things require planning, there are schedules involved, my decisions are now family decisions.  Lance sports a suit and tie way more often than his soccer clothes.  We never eat meals in front of the television (unless you count the ice cream after the kids are in bed), we travel less, go to shows less frequently and still spend lots of time with friends.  I make our bed every day, do laundry every day and use that well-researched vacuum constantly.  Lance can't stand the thought of Reese's Puffs cereal.

In our marriage, we have lived in 2 apartments, 3 houses, 2 states, 3 cities.  We have owned 8 cars, had 3 pets (though our sweet newt, Stanwell, wasn't around for too long).  We have seen the highest highs (the birth of our two completely amazing children and the anticipation of another) and been through complete heartache at the loss of all of our surviving grandparents, my dad and Lance's mom.  There are days when we adore each other and days when we kind of can't stand being around each other.

We spent the morning taking the kids to a parade and are spending the evening eating, playing and watching fireworks at a neighbor's house.  And it seems kind of fitting that we'd spend the day like that.  Generally our days pretty much revolve around the kids, whether we're celebrating something or not.  We can't wait to have a more "official" celebration next weekend when we'll head to Traverse City and Glen Arbor--we'll eat lots of yummy food, maybe do some hiking and kayaking, stay out late, knowing that our kids are at my mom's house and we don't need to get home to the sitter.  But, for today, our celebration is more of a celebration of our little family.  Of where we started, where we are now, where we will be.

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