Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Best Dad Ever

When my ENT told me I'd want to stay in bed for two weeks after my tonisllectomy/adenoidectomy, I kind of thought he was exaggerating. I figured it would hurt. A lot. But as someone who has had strep more times that I can count, I figured I could handle a sore throat. I was wrong. My mom came for a few days to take care of me while Lance had to work and then Lance took a full week off of work to hang out with the kids. And he was a rock star. He did random taste tests with them. He took them to pick out veggies and plant a garden. He read them books, took them to the park, even had a playdate with Matt and the girls while Susan stayed home with Paisley. And I stayed in bed. Pretty much the entire time. Doing absolutely nothing. And what's even better than the fact that he did all of this is that he didn't complain! Not even once. Best. Dad. Ever.

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