Monday, April 5, 2010


We're back from a whirlwind tour of friends in the south. While it was a great time for all of us, there's something amazing about coming home, getting back into a routine, sleeping in my own bed! And I think this is the first time I actually felt like I was coming home. The first few times we went back to visit friends, I felt like I was leaving home when we left Charlotte. This time I felt like I was coming home. And I was ready to be here.

Since we were gone for 11 days, we got to see a lot of people. I was thrilled to finally catch up with Andrea after her months of chaotic scheduling. It was amazing to finally meet Madison and to watch Rowan and Nathan catch up right where they left off. I had a blast catching up with my teacher-friends and the dinner-group girls. There was a wave of nostalgia when we drove by our old house--especially since there was a "For Sale" sign out front. Rowan said "I like that house. Can we buy it?" It was great to see Heather and Mike and to cheer the guys on at the Lexington half-marathon. The kids were champs on all counts. Great car-riders, great (with the exception of two horrible nights with Tate) sleeping in strange places, great playing with new friends.

While I didn't get to actually do a lot of the things I wanted to, I got to see virtually everyone I wanted to. The shopping, eating at great restaurants and doing any sort of "adult" thing will have to wait for another visit. Thanks to Trang and Mike and Heather and Mike for letting us invade your space for a while. We had a wonderful time! And, Heather, thanks for getting Pig back to us so quickly. Rowan didn't even ask for her until the day she came! (Yes, I know Piglet is a boy, but not to Rowan. All things pink must be girls.)

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Stephanie said...

Glad you had fun! And glad you are home. (I love how displeased Wyatt seems to be about sharing his space in that top picture, too.)