Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowed In

With feet of snow falling from the sky and no snow plows in sight, we've essentially been snowed-in all weekend. Lance and I were able to get out to his work Christmas party on Friday night (though we both had to literally dig our cars out of snow drifts with shovels), but we've been hanging out at home the rest of the weekend. It has, surprisingly, not been too terrible, though I think I'm using up all of our fun indoor activities in one weekend. Baking cookies, stringing cereal onto necklaces, making reindeer out of hand and footprints, pretending to hibernate in our "bear cave", long bubble baths in the middle of the day. We ventured out into the snow just once and I had to pull Rowan on a sled as the snow is up to her waist.

Rowan has been surprisingly well-behaved (well, for the most part) and Tate is now officially walking. He had been taking 10-12 steps or so, but is now using walking as his primary mode of transport and can walk a good 30 or more steps. Hopefully this will mean less bruises--though he did just have a bleeding lip and swollen ear, so I'm not counting on it. It's rather humorous to see such a little guy walking all over the place. Unfortunately he's also getting good on the stairs, so I will need to break out the lovely baby gates.

This awful snow has been a catalyst to our vacation planning. We are thinking Key Largo in February and have also decided to invite my mom and Michelle to come along, hoping for at least one day and one night out. I'm excited already and we haven't even booked anything yet! One unexpected bonus to this weather is that Hope College is closed tomorrow which means Lance will be home with us all day. Maybe a plow will come through and we can all go do something fun--sledding if that windchill gets a bit higher or maybe a trip to Play World, where I imagine I will be spending quite a few mornings this winter along with the trampoline center and the dreaded mall play area that both children love.

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Stephanie said...

Wasn't it all cozy and novel for the first two or three days? And now, well, now it's turning absurd. It's like Groundhog Day, but with small, needy children. I hope you're still managing!