Thursday, September 25, 2008

The End of the Roll

I guess it was bound to happen. The weather has been gorgeous, we've been really busy and somehow, last night, we finished the most recent roll of duct tape. So, after a morning at Hope's psychology department so a developmental psych class could observe the Rowan and Tate and the rest of the morning and lunch spent at the beach, I came home and tried to make do with scotch tape during Rowan's nap. But, Rowan, always the wild one, easily tore off the 6 layers of tape, threw her diaper over the side of the bed, pooped on the floor and finger painted with it. And there was a lot of it. Imagine it. Then imagine it much worse. That's what I was greeted with. Poop all over the walls, carpet and fabric headboard (which I am now realizing wasn't the brightest idea). And, of course, all over Rowan. A call to Lance at work to come home early, followed by a very, very long bath and endless cleaning and her room still stinks.

But, my rant is now done and I'll focus on the positive. I love that we walked to the park with Cooper on Monday and went to another park with Brady on Tuesday. I love that my mom and sister came over on Wednesday for dinner and ice cream. I love that it was 80 and sunny today. I love that we got to spend the day at the beach. I love that Lance took Rowan to gymnastics today and she came home and said "Mommy, we did log rolls and tuck jumps and the bear crawl" and proceeded to demonstrate each technique. And, of course, while they were at gymnastics, Tate and I went out to buy more duct tape. So, we should be good for a while.

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