Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mommy Elizabeth Pellow

The other day, I went to get Rowan in the morning and she pointed at herself and said "Rowee Elizabeth Pellow." I said "Yes, you are Rowan Elizabeth Pellow." She then pointed at me and said "Mommy Elizabeth Pellow." I wasn't sure at that point what to do. I really don't want my one-year old calling me by my first name. It was somewhat traumatizing when she went from "Mama" to "Mommy". "Gina" is just not an option at this point so I told her my name was "Mommy Alison Pellow". She now loves to call me and everyone else by their full names. Our dogs are now referred to as "Harley Anne Pellow" and "Sebastian Boy Pellow" (yes, somehow "Boy" actually became his middle name...) It's so funny to see what my little girl was thinking about when she woke up.

On another note, Baby Sprout's due date is just two weeks away. Two weeks! I never actually got to this point with Rowan since she was 3 and a half weeks early. I'm getting huge and quite uncomfortable, sleeping sporadically (if at all) and obsessing over my water breaking or going into labor in the middle of the night without anyone to watch Rowan. I care not to picture her in the delivery room with us. And, of course, we are no closer to choosing a name. Well, maybe we're closer, but we're not there yet.

Though I shouldn't even mention it, when I was listening to the radio at 10am, the windchill was -21 degrees. It's been in the 70s in Charlotte this week and everyone is letting their kids run wild at the park. We were here playing tea party again. However, we're also making some art projects and seeing some great friends--we ventured to Grand Rapids twice this week. Once to see Susan and the girls and once to see David, Andrea and Isaac. I think I'm going to make a bird feeder with Rowan tomorrow and try to pack in as much as possible in her last days as an only child. I ccan't even believe how soon this baby will be here!

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