Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day, R-O-W-A-N!

What a fun Valentine's Day! We started off the day helping a psychology class at Hope. Rowan and a few other kids went in and played while the class observed. Rowan was a little bit more reserved than usual, but it didn't stop her from sabatoging the teacher's "tests" for the kids. Any time the teacher would try to get another child to do a certain task (i.e. find the hidden toy), Rowan would run over and do it herself. No, this is not because she is more brilliant than the other children--the age range was from 7 weeks to 2 years. I'm holding out hope that she was really just trying to be helpful...

At Target we bought a few last-minute Valentine's things and I read a book to Rowan while we were browsing. She pointed to the word my and said "m-y" and I said "That's right. m-y spells my." She then said "R-o-w-a-n spells Rowee!" She kept repeating this. We've told her this before, but it must have just clicked for her. We came home and she got the r, o, w, a and n letters from the fridge and spelled her name. Just yesterday she actually said the whole alphabet from a to z without missing any letters. If only she could be as obsessed with good behavior as she currently is with letters!

When Lance got home we had lots of fun opening presents and eating yummy treats, though I spent a good part of the evening and night with a stomach-ache. Now that Lance has a work laptop he occasionally brings home, I may even try to download some pictures later tonight!

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