Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Seven Years!

This weekend Lance and I celebrated our seventh anniversary. We went out to dinner (with Rowan in tow) to Colony Grill and had a wonderful dinner. Rowan was surprisingly well behaved and it was actually quite a pleasant time!

We had "family dinner" with Trang and Mike on Sunday and Rowan and Nathan loved playing together! Yesterday Rowan and I played in the pool at the Y and today we went to the Pottery Barn story time.

Of course, something had to go wrong. On the way there, I actually knocked over our mailbox. I was looking out for the garbage can which the garbage truck set slightly into our driveway. I missed the garbage can, but hit the mailbox. Thankfully our sweet neighbor, Mr. White, brought over his post digger and reset the mailbox. It is now approximately 2-feet tall, but it will suffice until we get out to get a new post. The steroids are finally starting to work on this crazy allergic reaction! I actually wore short sleeves today and am hoping for a decent night's rest tonight.

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