Friday, July 20, 2007

The rest of the week

So, I'm realizing that posting to this site every day is an unlikely goal. So, I will try to publish every few days or so. I'm sure I'll end up missing many mundane details and possibly some big ones as well, but I'm trying!

Tuesday was a nice day. We went swimming in the morning and then met Lance for lunch at Brixx Pizza where I had their delicious salad with salmon. Rowan was quite well behaved and loved showing off for all of Lance's coworkers. Dwight gave Rowan a gold dollar for her piggy bank which is when I realized that poor Rowan doesn't have a piggy bank. What kind of mom am I? Off to find Rowan a piggy bank...

Wednesday Rowan had her 15-month checkup complete with several shots. Since I'm terrified of the MMR, we held off on that one for now. After a nice morning nap, we spent the afternoon swimming.

Thursday we had Jumping Beans at the library in the morning. Rowan decided she wanted to hang on my leg while the other kids danced about. I think the shots made her a bit cranky and clingy. I can't say that I blame her. In the afternoon we played in Rowan's big sprinkler and she had so much fun, but got more mosquito bites than she has room for on her little legs.

Today was a long day. We played outside and got very sweaty in the morning. Then, after morning nap we were all excited to have a playdate with Nathan. But, the quick errand I had to run at the bank turned out to take 2 and a half hours. I was almost in tears when I left because I couldn't think of any possible ways to keep Rowan occupied at a bank for that amount of time. I'm sure all of the tellers enjoyed the continuous Ring Around the Rosie and Rowan's obsession with Mommy's stripes and Rowan's flowers. So, that was the majority of our afternoon. When Lance finally got home at 6:30, I got dinner ready for Rowan and left for a moment of silence (which is writing this blog).

It's seemed like quite a long week and Lance will be working all day Saturday, so I'll be looking forward to having all of us together on Sunday.

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