Saturday, January 14, 2012

Deserting Desserts

Since our family ate enough dessert in December to last at least two months, we've decided to skip the sugar this month. I've always had a sweet tooth, but I don't know if I realized just how often I reach for sweets during the day. As soon as Tate is down for "rest time", before anything is crossed off the to-do list, I have dessert. At least a cookie or two, some ice cream or some sort of chocolate-y goodness. After dinner, more of the same. Once the kids are in bed, same story.

Lance and the kids are joining me in this (thankfully, because watching Lance eat cookies would make it much harder). The kids can have a few cheats. If it's someone's birthday at school, they can still eat the treat. If they are at an activity and the snack served is something I'd consider a treat (fruit snacks, etc), they can still have it. But they've been pretty good about it, too.

I find myself reaching for fruit or yogurt when I want something sweet. I feel like I have a touch more patience and energy (though I feel that's possibly due to the fact that we've been defying winter here for quite a while now) and I'm pretty sure I can get through the month without cheating.

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