Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Afternoons

For the past few weeks, Rowan has been playing soccer on Saturdays. I use the term "playing" rather loosely here, as she does a little playing, a little wandering around, an occasional "Look, Mom! It's a butterfly!" But she is having fun. Lance is coaching. It's good daddy-daughter time. Unfortunately it's quite obvious that, despite having a soccer player for a dad, there hasn't been much playing soccer over at our house.
The first game actually went quite well and, while there's no official score-keeping, I think they may have won! The next game, when she played against three of her classmates, they lost. By about 15 goals. After the game she said "Mommy, I know we don't keep score, but I know we lost." The next game I think they only lost by about 5. There are two more games left in the season and I'm not sure any of us are too sad that it will be over until spring.
Before her first game, Rowan decided to really work the camera. Enjoy the pictures!

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Stephanie said...

I LOVE this photo montage! So great!