Saturday, October 8, 2011

First Day of Preschool

When we were getting ready for Tate's first day of preschool, he started to cry a bit and tell me he wasn't going to go. Instead he wanted to stay home with me all day. And, while I didn't admit it to him, that's kind of what I wanted, too.
We had some days, last year, when Rowan was in preschool, that we could spend 2 hours playing just the two of us. Sometimes blocks, sometimes Toy Story. But a good portion of her preschool time was spent heading to my thrice-weekly skin therapy. And he was such a trooper for that, too!
But now he's three and, while I think preschool for 3-year-olds is completely optional, I knew it would be good for him to play with kids who aren't his sister. And to make connections with someone who isn't his mom.
Now that he's 3 weeks in, there are no more tears. He talks about preschool friends. He likes his teacher. He sings me songs from school and fights with Rowan about whose songs are better. He has a Spiderman backpack that he is quite pleased with. His school is in a gymnastics center and part of the curriculum is 30 minutes of gymnastics a day. This means he gets to wear "comfy pants" every day. This is fabulous. His teacher, Miss Jenny, is sweet. His class of 7 are all well-behaved. We're both pretty happy.

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