Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

Every time there is a moment of silence in our house or car, my kids ask me to tell them a story. They probably ask at least twenty times a day. I probably oblige about 4 times a day. Anyway, one such story, many months ago, was about April Fool's Day and the jokes people play on each other. This must have started something with Rowan because she was very excited about April Fool's Day this year.

I should have been a better mom and planned something big, but I didn't. We had 6 adults and 8 kids over for dinner tonight so I decided against the whole "I'm going to feed my family something that looks like eggs and bacon but is really marshmallow fluff and dried apricots". Instead, I just told them silly things. Like when Rowan walked into our room this morning I told her there was a peacock in our backyard. I told them it was bedtime 30 minutes after they woke up, etc.

They got into it, too, but weren't so convincing with the things they chose to do. As we were in the car today, Tate said "There's a bear in the backseat"! Rowan told me I had turned blue. It went on and on today. Every time the kids would laugh and yell "April Fool's". Tate would add "Tricked ya!" or "Joking"! They thought they were just hysterical. And, while I can't say they ever really tricked me with anything they did, it was still pretty amusing to see their minds at work.

Later in the day, we met some friends at the Children's Museum and then had them all over for dinner. These are college friends (or, really, the wives of Lance's college friends) and their kids who we hadn't seen since New Year's Eve. And somehow I missed taking any pictures of the adorable 8 kids (and one on the way). But we had a great time, the kids had a great time and it was a great way to start off April.

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