Sunday, January 30, 2011

Extreme Winter Sports

Let's get something straight from the beginning. There are days in winter when it is rather extreme for me to even leave the house, instead opting to hang out in jammies, sipping hot chocolate by the fire while reading. I honestly think I'm doing a pretty good job getting outside with the kids once or twice a week. I'm hoping this weekend didn't set a precedent. In that case, any hope of cozy days lounging by the fire might be long-gone.

When the outdoor sports club at our church was hosting a winter outdoor festival, I initially read that as "hunting festival" since that tends to ne the outdoor "sport" of choice here in small-town midwest. But then I read there would be hot chocolate so I was sold. We bundled up and headed the 500 feet to church where we spent the next few hours snowmobiling, ice fishing and being pulled in a tobaggon on a 4-wheeler. And eating chili. And, of course, drinking hot chocolate. It was fun. Maybe a little too much fun. I'm afraid taking my kids to the nearest sledding hill isn't going to cut it anymore.

Today, though, we did go to a sledding hill (across from Grandma Jackie's house where we were celebrating Michelle's birthday). It was still fun. There was no begging for a snowmobile. We didn't last long there, but Rowan and I stayed outside to play for a while. The snow out there is way too powdery to make a snowman (which is what Rowan really wants to do). But even with all the powder underneath, it's kind of like creme brulee. The top is hard and crusty and we were able to carve out a giant heart and just kind of lift it up. Rowan was so excited she went to ring Grandma's doorbell. Then we set it up against Grandma's house and hope she notices it--like a Valentine card in her front yard.

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