Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas, Part 2

On Christmas Eve, we headed to Grandma Jackie's house along with Eric, Thy, Nathan, Gracie and Aunt Kathi. We stayed for 3 days. There was lots of playing, laughing, eating large amounts of spectacular food. Not much sleeping for anyone, way too many presents to bring home, but a great way to end the year--celebrating with people we love, counting our blessings, eating a meal (and the accompanying desserts) that I look forward to all year. The kids love their cousins, love all the attention and, of course, can't get enough of Grandma. They loved spending time with Aunt Kathi, sledding down the neighbor's hill and, of course, opening more presents. When we read Luke 2 (as we always do Christmas morning), Rowan chimed right in and read 2 verses when it was her turn. Rowan was thrilled she got the "music player" that Santa had not brought her, Tate was excited that his Woody doll finally had a Buzz Lightyear friend and I was less than happy that my mom decided to buy the kids lots of presents since we had previously agreed to just one big present for the backyard. Instead they got the big present and the little ones (which we do not need or have any more room for in our house!)

There is something really comfortable about being back in my childhood home. It's warm, there's always a hustle and bustle going on in the kitchen, there are lots of people who love my kids and who love each other.

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