Saturday, August 1, 2009

Recent Rowanisms

Rowan has been saying the funniest things lately. Of course I always say I'm going to write them down, but then something comes up, I don't write them down and I forget them altogether. Here are the only two I can remember right now. Hopefully I'll remember some more. But if I don't, maybe I actually will write them down next time.

Rowan, this morning, while we were playing "Red Light, Green Light", stopped briefly when I said "red light" and then started running. I said "Rowan, you can't run a red light." Rowan said "Mommy, it's okay. It was a blinking red."

Rowan, last night, when she finished going to the bathroom and had a large piece of toilet paper stuck in her bottom said "Mommy, look at my cottontail!"

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Stephanie said...

Love them! (Keep writing them down!)