Saturday, January 10, 2009

Broken Resolutions

I suppose there is a reason I don't usually make New Year's resolutions. I break them. Almost immediately upon making them. Does it help if I say I have an excuse? No, I haven't been leadng a busy, very fulfilling social life or accomplishing all kinds of tasks. But, I have taken both children to the doctor as well as going myself this week. I have taken Tate's temperature countless times. I have stayed up all night with a very hot, crying baby. And I have allowed Rowan more TV than she's had in a long, long time. (In my defense, though, it was probably still less than many of her 2-year-old counterparts).

On Monday, I got to make the ever-pleasant trek to the doctor to have an abscess drained. Oh, MRSA, please, please go away and never come back. Also on Monday, Tate had a very high fever which his doctor told me to watch for the day. Monday night, Lance discovered a suspicious bump on Rowan and, in light of my new MRSA outbreak, we decided Tuesday would be a great day to take both of the kids to their doctor. Cancel playdate with Susan and the girls, take kids to the doctor, hold a crying baby rest of day.

But, now that it's Saturday, Tate's fever has gone down, though he has a rash everywhere (roseola, we're told), Rowan's bump is gone (thank God) and we're all ready to get out, we are in the midst of yet another winter storm. So, I'm going to take Rowan outside for the 10 minutes I would imagine she'll last before begging for hot chocolate. And, for yet another day, I will hang out at home.

Hoping for a much, much better week next week!

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Stephanie said...

I hope so, too! See you at book club on Tuesday?