Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Rowee Counts to Ten

Where is my baby girl going? Today she just decided to call herself "Rowee" instead of "Ro Ro". She has been "Ro Ro" for months and she is now "Rowee". I have no idea if this will last, but I was shocked (and a bit confused) when she decided to change vocabulary on me. I'm still getting used to her calling Lance and me "Daddy" and "Mommy" instead of "Dada" and "Mama" and now she has to go and switch her own name! All kidding aside, it's pretty cute (though rather random) that she is now "Rowee". She also started calling "mac mac" (macaroni and cheese), "mac mac cheese". And she counted to ten. She really counted to four and then I kept asking what number comes next and she got them all right all the way up to ten. When I asked her what was after ten, she said "eight"! But, I was pretty impressed nonetheless. So, it seemed to be a bit day for vocabulary development. Who know, though. We just may wake up to Ro Ro who can count to four and wants "mac mac" for lunch.

It's amazing to me how much kids can learn in such a short time. Just a few months ago, I could easily count the number of words Rowan could say. Now I have no idea. She says so much. Some new things she is saying are: Christmas tree, baby Jesus, baby in Mommy's belly (she thinks it's going to be a girl, or at least that's what she says), Michigan (though I'm certain no one but Lance and I could understand her), Madeline (a new favorite book) and "out, out, out, out" over and over every morning until I come get her out of her crib. We had a fun day today with our moms group in the morning and playing in the park and reading books all afternoon.

Last night, tonight and tomorrow night I'm staying with Sophie and Harry while Gale is out of town. It was actually kind of nice to watch The Hills with a middle schooler and talk to Harry about colleges (he finds out about Tufts in 12 days). I haven't stayed with them since Rowan was tiny, but I'll really miss them! Next week starts an array of going away parties and dinners and I'm sure I'll be a crying fool, so it's nice to have had a relatively normal, relaxing day today.

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Stephanie said...

Must be something going on with the number "10" today - Jason was trying to get Annie to understand that 5 plus 5 equals 10. Maybe a little too early for the addition lesson, but still, it's fun to hear her talk about it.