Monday, December 10, 2007

80 and Sunny

That was the weather today--and is the forecast for the next few days. So, before our return to winter, I'm thrilled to continue summer/fall here for a few more days. Rowan and I celebrated this by going to two parks--Sardis Park in the morning and Boyce Park in the afternoon. Lots of swinging, but Rowan has decided she's done with the slides, which just last week was her favorite park activity. She has developed a fear of grated floors and gets scared every time she climbs onto a play structure. Very odd. She climbs up, freaks out and then needs help moving from the top of the steps.

Yesterday was the first of a few going away parties. My dinner group friends threw us all a party over at Kelly and Ryan's. Rowan didn't nap before hand since we were at a Christmas party, but she was a trooper and we had a great time. Fortunately we have dinner group on Wednesday so I didn't start crying. I guess I'll save it for Wednesday.

We finally made a decision about a house today which is exciting. We'll be renting a furnished house for about 5 months while we decide where we want to live. It belongs to a professor who's on sabbatical and I think it will be great for us. I think I'm most looking forward to the teenage girl next door he said they frequently use as a babysitter. The fully stocked play room is also a bonus. Since the house is furnished, we've decided to leave our furniture and most of our things here and come back for them when our house sells. That takes off a bit of the pressure of packing everything. However, I now have to go back through the things we've packed and decide what I want to bring and what I want to leave here. So I kind of wonder why I started all of the packing to begin with.

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Stephanie said...

Oooooh! The new rental sounds luxurious! Another good reason (besides GAP outlet, my parents, and my hair stylist) to visit Holland! What's your official "move" date?