Sunday, May 26, 2013

February in Review

February was a busy month for us.  Which was a good thing because without a lot going on, we would have just spent a lot of time watching the snow fall.  Lots and lots of snow.  We had some great times--Mommy-Big Kid date night to Disney on Ice, a special day out with Tate and TWO Daddy-Daughter dinners for Rowan and Lance.  And, of course, my favorite little boy turned FIVE!  But that deserves an entire post.
Big kids at Disney on Ice.  The perfect mix of girl (princesses) and boy (Toy Story, Incredibles) and fun for all of us.  Great seats, snacks and fun.
Dancing with her glow butterfly 
Loving his orange glow trident
A day out just me and my boy
Daddy-Daughter dance at school
Rowan wanted to wear a dress with a very full skirt so she could spin and it would fly out.
Rowan, Caidence and Katelynn
Rowan and Lance at the 50's themed Daddy-Daughter dinner.  

 Rowan in the 50's car getting ready for the drag race


Our snow family

 Tate and Lucy in our snow tunnel

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