Friday, March 15, 2013

November, In Review

The highlight of November was probably Tate's Thanksgiving program--where he sang every song with such gusto I almost couldn't contain myself.  It really was the cutest thing ever.  I must find a video to post.  I was also able to get away for a few special times with Rowan--muffins with Mom at school and a fun American Girl night.  Lance took the kids to meet Alex Morgan when she was in town.  Lance was super excited to meet her.  The kids were super excited that they were handing out Sprite in line.  We spent a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving at my mom's and, true to Pellow form, took no pictures at all.

 Tate loves trying to get Sully to smile.  Clearly he's pretty good at it!
 Rowan and I at Muffins with Mom.  
 Lance and the kids met Alex Morgan--Lance was much more starstruck than the kids
 Bonding with bedhead
 Tate's adorableness in his Thanksgiving program costume
Rowan and Emma at an American Girl event

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