Sunday, September 19, 2010

A few of my favorite things

Crane's Orchard--Every year we head to Crane's for apple picking, donuts and cidersicles. Every year we take pictures. Except this year when my camera was left at home. Some shots I wish I had taken: Lance holding the children up ridiculously high so they could pick the highest apples they could see, Tate peeking out from the middle of the apple tree, Rowan's big grin when the cidersicles came out after eating dinner.

Night Time--This is a time I love and dread at the same time. The dread comes mainly from Tate's inability to get to sleep, stay asleep and wake at a reasonable hour (in my mind, 5:30 is unreasonable). But the cuddles at bedtime can't be beat, Rowan snuggled up in her bed, cozy as could be in her footie pajamas, telling me she loves me, asking unanswerable questions (Mommy, will you be in heaven when I get there? Will we eat in heaven or will we just never be hungry? Do you love me more than you love anyone else?). Tate, snuggled in his big boy bed, looking so tiny in such a big bed, begging for more hugs and kisses, yelling "I. LOVE. YOU. MOMMY." over and over until I reply and, only then, can he quiet down and go to sleep. The fact that I told him "I love you" several times as I put him in his bed doesn't seem to matter. It's the extra one after I close the door. Peeking in at their sweet, little selves after a long day and seeing only innocence.

Jokes without a punchline--Last night, at 10:08pm, Rowan marched into our room and said "Knock, knock." I looked up from my book "Who's there?" "Thumbkin," she said. Thumbkin who?" "Thumbkin Pagumpkin!" She laughs hysterically which, in turn, makes us laugh hysterically, which makes her think she has just made up a really, really funny joke. We heard it approximately 36 more times today.

Fall--Fall has always been my favorite season, but I'll admit, maybe it's the teacher in me, though more likely it's just my love of the sun, summer has taken the place of fall as my top season in my adult life. But I still love fall. I love the cooler weather (though I hate the allergies that come with it), I love the fresh smells, all the pumpkin and apple peeking through in yummy recipes, I love the running around at the park, in the neighborhood, on our bikes without overheating and needing water breaks, I love the new colors outside, the crunch of the leaves. Instead of seeing fall as the impending doom of winter, I'm going to try to enjoy every moment of it.

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Stephanie said...

I know, summer really rivals fall as my favorite now, too - especially THIS summer.

"Impending DOOM" . . . ah, winter. We loathe you.