Sunday, June 13, 2010

A few of Tate's latest obsessions

1. Happy Birthday--still. Many times a day, Tate sings "Happy Birthday" VERY loudly and presents me with a present. I think I wrote about this once before. It's been going strong since his birthday in February. I'm thinking he's hoping for a real birthday present or cake or something.

2. His penis. He just loves it. The obsession really does start young. He has lately been very concerned about where his penis is when I get his diaper on. It was just there and now, all of a sudden, IT'S GONE! Today there was a luncheon after church. Tate was successfully flirting with an older (MUCH older, dare I say, elderly) woman--playing hide and seek, talking to her with that adorable voice of his. Soon enough, she asked "Where is your belly button?" As soon as the question came out of her mouth, I knew what was coming. Sure enough, Tate's reply, after showing her his belly button: "But where's my penis?" I couldn't help but laugh and, thankfully, so did she.

3. Being called Tate. Example: When I call Tate "sweet", "adorable", "little monkey", etc. he will say. "I'm not sweet! I'm Tate!"

4. The "hot dog dance" diapers. The giant packs of Huggies have two designs. One is Mickey and Minnie dancing. The other is Mickey with a bluebird. Despite my pathetic attempts singing "Zipadee Doo Da", I have not been able to convince him that the bluebird diapers are wearable. I do lots of sneaking around, getting out one diaper to put the other on, etc. as it's getting a bit out of control.

5. Nature, in general. On every walk, Tate has to stop to pick every flower or weed, collect more rocks, move any and all dead and dried up worms to a safer place in the grass. He really is a sweet, very inquisitive kid and I'm kind of wishing there was a farm preschool closer to us because I think he'd love it.

The things he comes up with are hysterical.

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